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TAOBQ Podcast!


To follow along with the art which we will be discussing use the links below:

Season 1:

Episode 1 - Paul Richmond

Episode 2 - Camden Ador

Episode 3 - Ivor Lane

Episode 4 - Eric Bigclit

Season 2:

Episode 1 - Eyemèr

Episode 2 - Luke Carter

Episode 3 - A.J of AGX

Episode 4 - Autophonix

Episode 5 - J GRGRY

This is the first of a series of interviews with artists of all mediums, identities and levels of success, from around the globe.

Together, we have created something beautiful that represents an underrepresented community. The series gives insight into many different realities and tackles many taboo conversations.

I can't thank everyone enough that has gotten involved in and supported The Art of Being Queer to date.

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