Tristian Goik - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Tristian Goik

Hello, my name is Tristian Goik and I am a gay animator living in New York City. I love to draw and make cartoons, and I’m currently working on TristToons, a series of short animated loops. After a particularly rough time with depression, I made a cartoon drawing of myself everyday for a year in 2019. Now I am going through the stack and picking out a cartoon to animate from every week. I’m currently halfway through, and hope to finish before I’m dead!

I have worked in animation and motion graphics for Reuters, Page Six TV, and “Stephen Colbert Presents: Tooning Out the News.” Currently I am freelancing and I’m available for any new staff positions! I am also the president of ASIFA-East, a non-profit animation community organizer based in New York City, which helps bring animators and their fans together in person and online ( ASIFA-East is now accepting submissions for our annual general animation festival!

I founded the “Queer Animation: From A to Z” showcase at ASIFA, and just held our 4th annual screening of LGBTQ+ animated shorts. I have also contributed to the “Doable Guys” Erotic Zines, and the “Serving Pride: the Queer History Dinner Party Handbook.” In my free time I love to go to Drink-N-Draws around the city, cook fun new recipes for meal-prep, and read sci-fi before bed. I hope you explore more of my sketches and personal abstract short films online, and have a nice day!

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The Art of Being Queer

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